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The Libra

When Hassan Gardner was born during a full moon in October, his pro-black father told his mother that “he would change the world”. Despite unique differences from kids his age, Hassan fits in and is well loved by everyone. Still coming to terms with who, or possibly what he is, Hassan is quite the popular one but still forced to hide his rather unique abilities. In this unique supernatural, two part novelette, Hassan will discover whether he is just a little boy with a huge imagination, or something else with supernatural abilities and a preplanned destiny or purpose.

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The Vampire Raequan

Raequan, a leader vampire from The Vampira Series, has been busy.  He's a genius, inventing all sorts of things to benefit his vampire race.  But to do that, he has to make money, and that he does, by any means necessary.  While he's building and rebuilding his empire, he's torturing his rival leader vampire Teeyah.  In this installment of the Vampira Series, we follow Raequan and learn everything he's doing in the meantime, while Teeyah is doing her thing.  Valuable information is revealed on how Raequan came to be.  

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